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Buying for the drummer(s) in your life is not always an easy task, nor is it cheap. To help ease your burden, we’ve taken the time to do the hard work of compiling a list of 20 drummer gifts for under $20.

[Editor’s Note: Please note that at the time of publishing, all 20 items listed below were listed at $20 and under with the exception of #20]  

20 Drummer Gifts For Under $20

1. Big Fat Snare Drum

Just throw one of these on your snare for an instant beefy vintage snare drum sound. Check out our review here.

big fat snare drum

2. Latin Percussion LP441 Soft Shake

It’s always a good idea to have some shakers handy and the LP soft shake is a staple among drummers and percussionists alike.

LP Percussion Soft Shaker

3. Drumtacs Polymeric Tonal Control Dampener Pads

There are several companies offering dampener pads, but drumtacs seem to be everyone’s favourite. Slap them on your heads or even your cymbals and you’re good to go.


4. Meinl Percussion Backbeat Tambourine for 13-14 Inch Drums

Good on toms and snares, the stainless steel jingles respond fully when the drum is struck, and the frame is designed to rest naturally against the inside of any standard drum hoop. Great for snare drums, timbales, and tom toms measuring 13-14 inches.

Meinl Percussion Backbeat Tambourine

5. Promark S22 Cymbal Sizzler

This cymbal rattler is the perfect alternative to putting permanent rivets in your favourite cymbal.

Promark Cymbal Sizzler

6. Snareweight M1: Drum Tone Control Damper/Dampener

Control the amount of dampening in a snap with 4 different settings… or, flip it up and off the head for none at all!!

Snareweight M1

7. Nickel-Plated Brass Sleigh Bells

A perfect addition to your arsenal for all the Christmas music you’ll need to play! Bonus: your worship leader may even love you a little more 😉

Nickel-Plated Brass Sleigh Bells

8. Meinl 6″ CRING – Ching Ring

A fun way to diversify your sound and add some jingle in the process! Just through the CRING on your hats and you’re ready to go!

Meinl Percussion Cring - Ching Ring

9. Ultimate Drum Lessons: Gospel and R&B Drumming

…because you can never learn enough [chops]! This DVD is chalk-full of great gospel and R&B drummers who teach you a thing or two.

Ultimate Drum Lessons: Gospel and R&B Drumming

10. Cympad Cellular Foam Cymbal Washers

These foam cymbal washers help improve cymbal sound and performance while providing superior cymbal suspension. They also give you that new customized look.


11. Tempo – Metronome with Setlists (iOS)

This is our default, go-to metronome app. You can create setlists in advance and save them. A lifesaver to say the least!

Tempo Metronome App

12. Promark Drumsticks

We proudly endorse Promark drumsticks and stand by their commitment to producing quality drumsticks that last!

Promark Drumsticks

13. The Big Gig: Big-Picture Thinking for Success – by Zoro (Book)

The Big Gig - Zoro

14. Vic Firth Ear Plugs

Vic Firth Ear Plugs

15. CymbOmute – Cymbal Mute Silencer/Dampener


16. CruzTOOLS – Groove Tech Multi-Tool

CruzTOOLS - Groove Tech Multi-Tool

17. Evans Torque Key


Evans Torque Key

18. Select Evans Drumheads

[on sale for a limited time, from as low as $12.94]

Evans Drumheads

19. Evans RealFeel 6-inch Practice Pad

Evans RealFeel Practice Pad

20. Drumeo Edge – The Ultimate Online Drum Lessons Experience

Monthly membership is $24.95.  I know what you’re thinking, “That’s more than $20!” But hold on, you’re actually getting unlimited access for only 83 cents per day!)

Drumeo Edge


As an extra bonus to this list, we offer you our new lineup of worshipdrummer apparel, complete with all new colours and shirt options. Ships worldwide.

Meet The New Family

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