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Up until recently we wouldn’t dare to call ourselves a “brand” of sorts, but the more I sit back and look at it, it’s never been truer. In fact, as we’ve sat down to chat with drummers for our recent pro worshipdrummer interviews, they’re telling us that they’ve never seen anything like “this” before.

What is “this”?

“This” is our commitment to forging the way and bridging the gap between us and them – the worship music we listen to and play in our churches, and the drummers who create the stuff we hear and seek to emulate.

We are just 2 ordinary guys (Rio and Me) with a passion. We aren’t perfect. We don’t make a ton of money from this website (barely enough to cover hosting and site maintenance), but we love God, drums, and drummers.

Along the way we have seen some tremendous growth in our different social streams and it’s been interesting to see the very organic growth of our brand.

Honouring A Brand or Straight-up Identity Theft?

I designed our logo in the very beginning, and as simple and basic as it is, I think it fits just right. However, I never imagined the ways that I would come across it on the interwebs. Here are some examples for you:


And here are some pics of you, worshipdrummers, sporting the v-neck tees from our official limited edition first run:

As you can see, it’s been happing for a while now, but the culture is  growing (some is intentional and others, well, it happens!) and we are happy that worship drummers, literally all over the world,  are able to connect [in a tangible way] with what it is that we are so passionate about.

One last example is our somewhat new (2-months old) Instagram account: @officialworshipdrummer. The stats don’t lie:

Instagram Stats

Yeah, it’s pretty booming!

Thank You

I feel like in just a short amount of time, we’ve covered so much ground and we have only one person to thank: YOU! Thank you for reading, tagging, liking, following, and just being awesome!

We pray that you will continue to use our stuff as a resource to help you be the best worshipdrummer you can be, and please continue to help us spread the word!

Love you and can’t do this without you!

Have an idea of what we should do next with our brand? Or a product you’d love to see us create? Hit us up in the comments.

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