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I am a WorshipDrummer!!!

Hi! I am Jon Manna and it is with great excitement and anticipation that I welcome you to! I’ve already written a post on my personal blog that explains the genesis (beginning) of this project, but I’ll take a moment to share how it developed.

Being that I am a drummer and pastor, I began to look at the local church and realized that there is not much coaching being done/available for newer, younger drummers in church. Sure, there are some great resources and DVDs available (and we’ll cover some in the future), but DVDs can only take you so far, leaving you without a way to develop with others who are in the same pocket as you. A key element missing is a community of drummers – interacting, sharing, and growing together.



Some things you should know as we launch:

Who is it For?

  • is for drummers!
  • If knowing the ins-and-outs of worship drumming is important to you, then is for YOU!
  • If you’re a musician, worship leader or tech/crew member wanting to learn how to communicate effectively with a drummer, then is for YOU!
  • If you think that the idea of a being a worship drummer is  ridiculous and you have no idea why you’re here, maybe we can be friends  here.

What is About?

  • At the core, we are all about putting the heart before the beat.
  • We are about building a community of worship drummers who will share, interact, and grow with one another.
  • We will definitely feature drum tutorials/tips and tricks (After all, we are drummers!).
  • We will also look to share cool videos,  new apps, innovative technologies, etc.. to keep you current with what’s hot. [learn how you can contribute]

Where are we located?

  • I am based out of the Toronto area (Ontario, Canada), but nowadays  there are no barriers as to how far we can reach. So we welcome our US neighbours, and the rest of the world.
  • As for live WorshipDrummer events, we have some ideas brewing, but those will be geared for our local area, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

How Do I Connect with the WorshipDrummer Community?

When Can I Be Featured on

So there you have it. Welcome to and help spread the word to all your worship leader friends, your drummer friends and anyone else you think will benefit from our community!

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