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I know that many of you have been digging the new album from Elevation Worship, There Is A Cloud and perhaps your church has even begun singing some of the songs.

I came across a very helpful post from Garrett Davis who engineered and edited the new album.

There Is A Cloud Drum Gear Rundown

He said that they were getting a bunch of messages on how they recorded it and gave a drum gear rundown and here it is:

  • DW collectors kit
  • Zildjian K dark cymbals
  • Ludwig black beauty snares on both kits
  • Mics:
    • TF M80sh on snare
    • 57 on bottom snare
    • 91/M82 on kick
    • 421 on rack
    • c414s on floor toms
    • c414s on OH
    • 184s on the hat and ride

The guys holding things down on this album are drummers Vincent Baynard and Domini Geralds, with Matt Payne as the drum tech .

Garrett went on to say, “It’s all about teamwork and I spent a lot of time working with the guys to find a combo that worked for live and the capture.”

More details

They used Remo coated heads and the kit was tuned specifically to notes that would resonate well and maintain an attack that would help cut.

They used drum samples from That Sound (download their free samples) and also took time to record their own.

Here are some pics from Garrett Davis:


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