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Garrett Goodwin – Carrie Underwood

It was back in the summer of 2015 when I was sitting backstage with Jared Henderson and the rest of Kari Jobe’s band when Ben Davis (bass) told me a crazy story about a guy named Garrett Goodwin and the Brownsville Revival. My ears perked up and after hearing the story, I sat in amazement at how good and faithful God is!

In this episode we attempt to capture and tell the story here on the podcast, for all of you to hear. We also talk drum gear and technology in music.

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In This Episode:

  • Garrett’s Upbringing
  • Growing up at Brownsville during the Revival
  • The necessity of humility
  • The Influence of Lindell Cooley
  • The phone call that changed everything.
  • Rooted in Revival
  • Touring and staying accountable
  • Advice for Worship Leaders on how they can influence young drummers
  • The what and why behind his drum setup
  • Technology in Music/Worship, Drēmtrigger
  • Nashville Sampling Co.
  • Practical drumming advice
[tweet_box design=”default”]Worship Leaders: One of the best things you can do for young musicians is let them be around, be a part, and let them soak up the experience.[/tweet_box] [tweet_box design=”default”]Garrett Goodwin on his setup: I preach comfort. If it is comfortable, feels right, and you’re not hurting yourself, then do it![/tweet_box] [tweet_box design=”default”]”Always stay humble and be willing to learn” – Garrett Goodwin[/tweet_box]

Listen to Episode 015

Garrett Goodwin’s Gear Rundown

  • DW Drums
    • 14 x 10 rack tom
    • 18 x 16 floor tom
    • 26 x 18 kick
    • 14 x 6.5 snare
  • Sabian Cymbals
    • 18″ Hats
    • 24″ Crash
    • 24″ Ride
    • 22″ Crash
  • Remo Drumheads: Emperor (on top)
  • Promark Drumstick: 2S + 747B

Links to things mentioned in this episode:

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