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The third and final instalment of our interview with fellow Worship Drummer Luke Anderson is here!

Luke and I kick off this week discussing  Confidence  and  Intuition. He shares the importance of our role as leaders & followers and becoming aware of this dynamic.

Ludwig Acro

This is a close-up of the Ludwig Acrolite used on “Only King Forever”

We had a great chance to laugh discussing stage communication and its…err… struggle. Please join in and tell us some of your funniest, scariest, or embarrassing stories while on stage. We want to laugh at you too!

This week we also discuss the most important element of being a worship drummer, which is our personal worship and preparation before we’re on stage. Hear Luke talk about his 04:30AM wake up time to understand the level of commitment he bears. He’s truly a great human, love ya Luke!

[tentblogger-youtube xeQNuKZRP68]

If you’ve checked in each week we’d love to hear your comments on what you’ve found helpful to better guide our future interviews… Some exciting ones lie ahead!

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