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In the last year or so, Vertical Church Band’s influence has been growing as more churches are singing their songs. The new (and incredibly helpful) trend is for these worship ministries to produce tutorial videos for worship teams to learn the songs  –  as played by the original musicians.

Since we are drummers, we’ve got all the tutorials from Vertical Church Band’s latest project, The Rock Won’t Move, in one place. If you need to see tutorials for other instruments check out the VCB Resource page.

Drum Tutorials For “The Rock Won’t Move”

[tentblogger-youtube Vy_Jb33Puus] [tentblogger-youtube uUrsNmk2TTs] [tentblogger-youtube qPCvXYXbDtE] [tentblogger-youtube AXAbYR3TbcM] [tentblogger-youtube jhh9iXEtBys] [tentblogger-youtube WkfYfAfJi4M] [tentblogger-youtube UfSYxd6W8DQ] [tentblogger-youtube QtmaX7ohpDY] [tentblogger-youtube iB6vFQuPbak] [tentblogger-youtube RUt349SCQcQ]


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