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I am so excited for you all to hear my interview with Jared Henderson as we speak about how to give your best no matter what! Jared has been a friend since the early days of Worship Drummer and has always been so kind to us. This episode is no exception as he shares some great insight on a topic that he actually came up with!

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Show Notes:

  • Filling in for Austin Davis (Kari Jobe)
  • Giving your best and how to prepare
  • How our playing influences the worship atmosphere
  • Being emotionally present
  • How we transition from the technical side of drumming to the worshiping
  • Practical steps to learning a song or set
    • Listen, really listen to the song
      • 3 or 4 listens before even playing it.
      • Take notes
    • Play to the song
    • Turn off the song and play to the click
      • Tests how tight you are
      • Tests how well you know the song and the mapping of the song.
    • About 20 minutes per song.
  • Difference between practice and rehearsal
  • Advice for worship leaders struggling with their drummer
    • Have open and honest conversation
    • Communicate expectations with the whole team. This helps establish a church culture.
    • People can’t read your mind
    • Help clarify the “Why” this is important
  • Giving your best no matter who you’re playing for
  • Advice to impart to worship drummers in the local context

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