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Part of my vision for the podcast is to introduce you to companies that will be helpful in your pursuit of being an excellent worship drummer. We had a great time chatting with Josh Ward from Worship Artistry. and we are excited to introduce you to what they’re already doing to help worship drummers just like you!

[Check out some Behind-the-Scenes pics from Josh’s drum studio at the bottom of this post, just after the shownotes]



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  • In its early days, was available only for guitar
  • Playing in front of the camera is always a bit weird.
  • Josh doesn’t currently use any electronics. He figures out how to achieve a similar sound on an acoustic kit.
  • Some of Josh’s fav percussion accessories:
  • Bethel Music (David Whitworth and Co) are great examples of Double drums
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  • Follow Worship Artistry on YouTube

Behind-the-Scenes at

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