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Christmas is fast approaching, and it doesn’t always end up being the most wonderful time of the year! If they haven’t already,  your family and friends are probably getting ready to ask you what you want for Christmas, and this can turn out to be stressful for you and for them if you’re not prepared!

We’ve got some great things coming this Christmas at, but to start I thought it would be a great help to all drummers to share 20 awesome gift ideas that will inspire the drummer in you!


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1. Boss DB90 Dr. Beat Metronome

This is #1 on our list because you’ll suck as a drummer if you can’t keep time!

2. Mono Cases M80 Stick Bag

It’s waterproof, functional and stylish. What more could you ask for!

3. Mono M80 Cymbal Bag

If you already have the stick bag, there’s no doubt you’ll be asking for the cymbal bag this Christmas!


4. Successful Drumming DVD/CD/Workbook Box-Set

We’ve had a hands-on experience with the Successful Drumming DVD/CD/Workbook box-set and it is incredible. Need to read a review before you commit to buying this for your drummer? Read our review of Successful Drumming.

sucessful drumming


5. Evans MINEMAD Tom and Snare Damping

Perfect for getting rid of unwanted overtones without compromising the actual tone and feel of your snare and toms.


6. Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones

Ear protection is often overlooked, but is actually crucial for a drummer playing in enclosed/tight spaces (bedroom, drum cage, garage, etc..)


7. Wooden Drumstick Pencil

Great for the kid in every drummer! Never miss a beat that passes through your head.


8. Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

Made famous by pro worshipdrummers like Simon Kobler (Hillsong United) and Jared Henderson (Desperation band), the Roland SPD-SX is the standard when for drummers when it comes to a sampling pad that you’d be able to hit!


Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

9. Vater Drink Holder

A cool way to store your drink to ensure you stay hydrated as you play.


10. Fred & Friends Beat It Chopsticks Set

Can you say dinner drum circle!?!

11. ITALMODERN Glass Drum Table

Very elegant and rugged, drummer-style, all at the same time.


12. Drumdial Drum Tuner

The perfect assistant to help you tune your kit.



13. Fred Mix Stix Spoons

Maybe a better gift for the cook in your life, but as a drummer this is perfect to stir your Kraft Dinner 🙂


14. SoundCue App

A perfect and professional solution for live track playback on the iPad.


15. Aquarian Drumheads Cymbal Spring Cymbal Accessory

The red medium spring is recommended for crash cymbals 16” and larger. The yellow heavy spring is recommended for china cymbals and ride cymbals 18” and larger.

16. The Worship Drum Book: Concepts To Empower Excellence

Carl Albrecht (Paul Baloche) is the epitome of who and what a pro worshipdrummer is.  Knowing the use of drums in a church worship services can be a very controversial issue, Carl shares ways that drummers can be sensitive to the congregation and leaders and yet play with authority and confidence. This book is packed with insight and is a must for any worshipdrummer!


 The Worship Drum Book

17. Kickport Soundport for Bass Drum

The Kickport is making big noise with claims that it will make your bass drum sound obese (that’s a good thing for bass drums 🙂 ).


18. Evans Torque Drum Key

Every drummer needs a drum key. Period. But with the built-in torque-handle it helps you get the desired tension while helping to attain tuning accuracy. #FTW

19.The Big Gig by Zoro

The Big Gig provides a template for success by covering the vocational, personal, and spiritual aspects of a musician’s life all from the perspective of a pro worshipdrummer, Zoro (YES! He’s a Christian and an awesome drummer).

20. Pearl Throne Thumper

The Throne Thumper allows you to feel the low-end vibration like never before. It allows you to feel every kick from your bassdrum – great if you play with in-ears or in big rooms/venues.


Throne Thumper

Feel free to email this post straight to your friends (or spouses 😉 ) and let them know which items are on your wishlist!

I hope this is as helpful to you as it is to me. My list is done! 😉

Note: Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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