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Christmas Gift Guide 2012

It’s that time of year again. Christmas! It comes and goes so fast that many of us have barely enough time to stop and think about what we as drummers might need or want. Here’s a list of some gift ideas from and for drummers! Also, don’t forget to check out last year’s gift guide for even more ideas. Enjoy!

Drumeo Live Lessons

There’s never a bad time to take drum lessons and the guys over at Drumeo have something unique and special going on: Live and interactive drum lessons. Even if you can’t tune in to the live lessons, there is a whole library where you can browse and view them when you’ve got the time. Incredible!

Drumeo Live

Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner

The Tune-Bot makes it easy to tune up all your drums – it measures pitch at each lug position and also overall pitch, so you know you’re zeroed in on the perfect sound. It also allows you to tunes your toms to intervals and save your preferred tunings for fast recall later. Perfect if your church has multiple drummers who like to always tamper…. uhh i mean tweak the kit (you know what I mean!!!).

Tune Bot Digital Drum Tuner


iDrumTune iPhone App

For those of us on a tighter budget there’s always an “app for that”. Check out the iDrumTune iPhone App.

iDrumTune App



Because sometimes we just need a little more cowbell!

LP Cowbell


Tama Drums Quick Set Cymbal Mate 4 Pack

A super quick way to pop your cymbals on and off for quick setup and tear down.

Tama Quick Set Cymbal Mate

Meinl String Cajon

Looking for the perfect way to change up your sunday playing for an acoustic/unplugged feel? Check out this amazing cajon from Meinl. Perfect for your church’s next unplugged setlist and playing on the go (youth retreats, bonfires, etc…)

Meinl String Cajon

Sabian AAX Praise AND Worship Pack

Sonically matched in the SABIAN Vault for gospel and R&B players, the SABIAN AAX Praise & Worship Pack includes 11″ AAX X-Plosion Splash, 13″ AAX Stage Hats, 16″ AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash, 21″ AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride, and 18″ AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash. The SABIAN AAX series delivers consistently bright, crisp, clear and cutting responses — AAX is the ultimate Modern Bright sound!

Sabian AAX Praise AND Worship Pack


Cympad Optimizer Washer

Cympad foam cymbal washers have been carefully developed to outperform and outlast conventional felt washers while offering drummers a host of advantages.

* Conforms to cymbal shape and size * Extends cymbal life and prevents breakage * Increases articulation * Increases comfort and reduces hand fatigue * Outlasts standard felt washers All of our items are sold as-is so ask questions


MOONGEL Drum Damper Pads

An easy and effortless way to get rid of unwanted overtones and dampen the sound of your drums. MOONGEL is also great for churches with mic’d drums!

Tip: Wash the pads in soapy water to give them that “like-new” look and feel.

Moon Gel Drum Damper Pads



AKG D112 Dynamic Bass Drum Microphone, Short Telescoping Boom Stand and Cable

The AKG D112 is one of those mics that have been around the block and back. It’s no wonder it’s the time-tested industry standard!

AKG D112 Dynamic Bass Drum Microphone jpeg


What drumming gifts and gadgets would you add to this list?

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