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Hillsong United’s Drummer Simon Kobler Explains His Drum Set Up

On February 14, Hillsong United released their much anticipated album, Live in Miami. It is the first ever full-length recording of UNITED on tour.

[tentblogger-youtube yA9KyLsqFVg]

If you haven’t purchased the new live album, you can grab it on iTunes Canada  or  US.

Simon Kobler

Hillsong United’s current and awesome drummer is none other than Simon Kobler. Here are some more pics of his kit on the Aftermath Tour and his drum specs.


Here is the scoop from the mouth of Simon Kobler himself:

  • Zildjian Cymbals –  Hi-Hats =  Bottom: 17″ A Custom,  Top: 17″ K Custom Dark Crash — Thin
  • Crashes =  Left: 20″ K Custom Dark Ride,  Right: 22″ K Custom Light Ride
  • Ride =  22″ K Ride
  • Snare: Ludwig Black Beauty 6 x 14
  • Kit: Ludwig / Gretsch  – whatever is available
  • Skins: Mostly, Remo Pinstripe’s on the toms, Emperor x on the snare and evans EQ3 for the kick.

You can follow Simon “El Capitan” Kobler on Twitter and check out his tumblr site.

(via James Rudder)

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