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Leap Year Day: What are You Doing With 24 Extra Hours?

Even though I said our “next post” would be part 1 of our conversation with Jared Henderson, I had to make an exception for Leap Year Day. After all, we have to wait 4 years to get another opportunity like today!

[editor’s note: Part one will be posted tomorrow, March 1, 2012.]

Leap Year - 366 Days To Create

This year, and more specifically, today, we get an extra 24-hours for free. Some of you are thrilled about this and have already made plans on how to spend the extra 24, and then there are others who couldn’t come up with anything even if you gave them 24 hours to think about it!

Here are some ideas that you could consider doing with 24 hours:

  • You can read through some of our blog posts and even contribute to the blog 🙂
  • You can spend the day practicing and getting better at what we are supposed to be good at. (check out this post and this one)
  • You could start a blog. (i use wordpress and the Standard Theme)
  • You could fly to Australia
  • You could donate the money your earned today towards a great cause.
  • You could spend the time reading – because leaders are readers. (I’m currently reading my Bible and the Steve Jobs biography)
  • You can redecorate your office or your home.
You get the idea. You can be as creative as you want with 24 hours. The point I want to drive home is that we do something.
What are you doing with the extra 24?
[image via  liquisoft]

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