Buying a New Kit? Why Not Build Your Own Custom kit?

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I remember when I was buying my humble 4-piece Ayotte kit. $2000 for a 4-piece with no hardware or cymbals. Ouch! $5000 later and I had my complete 4-piece kit ready to go with cases and all.

That’s fine a dandy if you’ve got the cash on hand (Dave Ramsey would be proud of that statement), but the truth is most people, and especially most churches don’t have a large enough budget to afford a brand new quality kit. So here comes the game-changing thought: build your own kit!

Now I know what you’re already thinking. “I don’t know how to even hold a drill.” Well according to, any one can do it, and do it well!

[tentblogger-youtube 4aVw7bMUY-o]

Are you daring to pull this off? You’ll need to buy the “How to Make Custom Drums” ebook at $30. That’s a pretty small investment for the potential huge savings on a complete custom kit.

Let us know if you endeavour to pull this off for you or for your church!