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Buying a New Kit? Why Not Build Your Own Custom kit?

I remember when I was buying my humble 4-piece Ayotte kit. $2000 for a 4-piece with no hardware or cymbals. Ouch! $5000 later and I had my complete 4-piece kit ready to go with cases and all.

That’s fine a dandy if you’ve got the cash on hand (Dave Ramsey would be proud of that statement), but the truth is most people, and especially most churches don’t have a large enough budget to afford a brand new quality kit. So here comes the game-changing thought: build your own kit!

Now I know what you’re already thinking. “I don’t know how to even hold a drill.” Well according to, any one can do it, and do it well!

[tentblogger-youtube 4aVw7bMUY-o]

Are you daring to pull this off? You’ll need to buy the “How to Make Custom Drums” ebook at $30. That’s a pretty small investment for the potential huge savings on a complete custom kit.

Let us know if you endeavour to pull this off for you or for your church!

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  • aaronk says:

    I agree, however, still be prepared to spend quite a bit. I built a kit for myself a few years ago, and still spent close to $1000 for supplies and shells (this didn’t include a bass drum either). Granted I built 6 toms and a snare, it was still kind of spendy, especially to add cymbals and hardware. The church I play for uses a Roland TD-20 kit, of which I have a love/hate relationship. No tuning and great sound out of the mix board is a plus. Electronic triggering not always working is a minus. One day, hopefully we will switch to an acoustic kit, and who knows, maybe I’d build another one. However, there are great kits out there for pretty reasonable prices now days. One such brand is Crush drums ( I am in no way affiliated with crush, but from what I’ve seen, custom look and sizes at a very good price, It would be on my list of sets to look at.

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