Roland SPD-SX Mounted Over Kick

How To Mount Your Roland SPD-SX Over Your Bass Drum

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If you are one of the thousands that follow us on Instagram, then you know that there are many drummers who are using the Roland SPD-SX. View this post on Instagram What a killer setup from @bramey48! Love it bro! #HeartBeforeBeat #worshipdrummer ・・・ Simple and clean. • • • #Group1Crew #wearethecrew #goldplateddreams #tour #drums #bigfatsnaredrum #roadready #ableton #abletonlive #alclair #istanbul …

Roland SPD-SX

Roland SPD-SX: How To Quickly Add Sounds

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The Roland SPD-SX (you mount it with the APC-33 controller mount) is one of the most popular sampling pads being used today. Technology in worship is nothing new, but it can still be a very daunting task to learn how to use and incorporate in your workflow and playing. We are happy to share this simple tutorial with you to help you learn how to quickly add sounds …

DIY Drum Enclosure

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Brad over at shared the process of how he made his own drum enclosure for the church. Notes about the DIY enclosure The aluminium frame was all 90 degree angled pieces The lexan(polycarbonate) was sandwiched between the angled frame and aluminum strips using nuts and bolts The other side of the frame was bolted to the floor(drum riser) Lexan …

[GIVEAWAY] 5 Drumming DVDs from Hudson Music ($95 value)

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[This Post is part of the series Christmas Giveaways For The WorshipDrummer] We believe that music education and instruction is one of the best ways that you can improve as a drummer. To help you guide you towards that path we’ve already given away a 1-year membership to Drumeo Edge and a Successful Drumming DVD box set. Today, we are thrilled to …

[GIVEAWAY] Christmas Giveaways For The WorshipDrummer: DRUMEO.COM

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We are at the start of some massive Christmas giveaways. Keep on reading as we are thrilled to announce our first giveaway of the Christmas season! We’ve reviewed the Successful Drumming DVD Box Set and enjoyed the journey very much! Today, we are excited to reveal that we have partnered with our friend Jared over at Drumeo and are giving away 2 …

Vertical Church Band - The Rock Won't Move

Vertical Church Band – Drum Tutorials

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In the last year or so, Vertical Church Band’s influence has been growing as more churches are singing their songs. The new (and incredibly helpful) trend is for these worship ministries to produce tutorial videos for worship teams to learn the songs  –  as played by the original musicians. Since we are drummers, we’ve got all the tutorials from Vertical …