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A few days ago we wrote about the passing of a great drumming legend, Marvin McQuitty. Today I had to privilege of tuning to the livestream of Marvin McQuitty’s Homecoming (Memorial Service) and boy was it incredible to hear all about this incredible drummer, worshiper, husband, father, friend, and man of God.

McQuitty Memorial Service


I was amazed at how many people his life touched and I particularly loved the worship atmosphere. Aaron Lindsey wrote a fantastic song that ended with Teddy Campbell and  Gerald Heyward (of the Rhythm Alliance) ripping up some solos. It was quite the tribute to a great drumming legend.

I will try to find a link to the video if it’s posted.

Lastly, Marvin’s wife, Kim, has written a book entitled “Me, My Man and His Music” (My Life As A Musician’s Wife) and I am pretty sure this book will help many of our spouses who are married to us drummers. You can pick it up from amazon for $14.99. (affiliate link)

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