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[this post is part of a series based on a conversation with Mike Webber. Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]


In our second portion of the interview I talk drum gear with Planetshakers drummer Mike Webber. I’ve taken the time to write it out too so you can use it as a reference. Enjoy!

Drum Kit

Yamaha (endorsement)

Maple Absolute, Birch Absolute, Oak Custom and some Stage customs for teaching.
  • 24″ Kick
  • 12″ Tom
  • 16″ Tom
  • 18″ Tom
  • 14″x 6.5″  Ludwig Supra-Phonic snare  (used at church)
  • 16″x 6.5″ Manu Kache signature snare (used on Tour)
  •  13″x6.5″ Steve Jordan Signature snare (secondary snare – used on Tour)


Sabian (endorsement)

Simple rule of thumb: Anything Dave Weckl uses as a ride makes a great crash cymbal. #WIN




Evans and Remo – depending on his mood

So there you have it! Now you can sound exactly like Mike… well, you know what I mean!

Got a few more questions about Mike’s gear? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to have them answered.

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  • Scott Jackson says:

    Hi, I wanted to know what sorts of resonant heads Mike Webber uses, are they the same heads on the top and the bottom?

  • Scott Jackson says:

    Also, What Evans heads does he use on the toms?

  • Jesua herrera says:

    why does mike webber uses a Boss Dr-670 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine for? In what parts of the songs does he uses it?

  • Jerry Tan says:

    Drum pedal?
    Drum in ear monitor?
    Drum machine?

  • Mike Webber says:

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the questions…
    1) I use clear Remo Ambassadors as resonant tom heads (or G1’s), so always a 2 ply head on the top, and a 1 ply head on the bottom.
    2) If I’m using Evans heads on my toms, they are EC2 clear heads
    3) The drum machine is only used for the songs that we don’t run tracks for, or if we change the form half way through a song and divert from the form of the tracks. I manually start and stop this and can change the tempo on the fly if I need to. Most of the praise songs stay to form, but a lot of the time in the worship we divert from form and I will use the drum machine.
    4) Pedals are Pearl Eliminators with black cams (I have tried them all – 9000’s, Iron Cobra’s, Demon Drive’s and I keep coming back to the Eliminators!) // In-Ears are Ultimate Ears UE7’s with a Shure PSM700 wired In-Ear pack // Drum Machine is a Boss DR670

  • Benjamin Oh says:

    Hey Mr. Mike 🙂

    I’ve been to most of the Planetshakers concert in Malaysia and would like to know your tuning of the snare drum. IT SOUNDS AWESOME!

  • Jesus freak says:

    Hey, i wanted to know what your listening to with your ear piece, do you just listen to a click track, or is it like a drum track or something? Thanks a million 😀

  • Jerod says:

    Hi Mr. Mike ..
    – Can i ask ? what is the tool that planetshakers use
    to play a DUBSTEP ?
    entitled: DANCE ?

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