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Risen Drums Video Lesson Series (1-12) with Steve Goold

I just came across these great video drum lessons from Steve Goold and Risen Drums. I’ve posted all 12 episodes here so you can easily follow the episodes.

Be sure to follow Steve  and Risen Drums on twitter. Enjoy!

Episode 1

[tentblogger-youtube UCP_Wq7cG3M]

Episode 2

[tentblogger-youtube 7aRdNDXY_p8]

Episode 3

[tentblogger-youtube Vm2EkzPdXro]

Episode 4

[tentblogger-youtube AsFcVlPrtUY]

Episode 5

[tentblogger-youtube JzRDngGeo-4]

Episode 6

[tentblogger-youtube 5vu5z6B5eos5]

Episode 7

[tentblogger-youtube XizpjIZWhJg]

Episode 8

[tentblogger-youtube laQkM2SOd7M]

Episode 9

[tentblogger-youtube E7gekfOwc7E]

Episode 10

[tentblogger-youtube Dj2Xy3sXrY0]

Episode 11

[tentblogger-youtube -C4E_esmFG0]

Episode 12

[tentblogger-youtube vGZOPQv9YI8]


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