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Mull Over Mondays – Playing with a Junior Worship Team

Mull Over Mondays

Yesterday was Sunday – typically the busiest day for any WorshipDrummer. I was playing at my church with a junior worship team, which consisted of a mix of children ranging from 7-12yrs old. I knew coming into this that it would be very different than playing with adults or top-notch musicians.

Knowing that God is pleased with any worship that comes from a heart that is worshipping in spirit and in truth, to be honest, from a rhythmic/time-keeping perspective, I thought it was going to be a nightmare for me as a drummer.

As it turns out, it wasn’t that bad at all! Our bass player (12yrs old) is taking lessons and locked in his rhythm pattern with my kick. Our conga/percussion player (10yrs old) was so excited to be up there and play the shakers and congas that it reminded me that we should have fun in worship too.

After our practice I tweeted this message out to encourage you, my fellow WorshiDrummers:

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Then I got this response from @StaceKershaw:

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As you can see, a number of things can be going on in our drumming “space” and in our heads, especially on Sundays.

In these situations as worshipdrummers our challenge is to always remember these two fundamental things:

  1. Always strive to worship God in spirit and in truth – no matter the circumstance – Worship is about Him.
  2. Always put your heart before the beat – God doesn’t care how good you sound. He cares about your heart
How was your playing this weekend?

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  • Stacey Kershaw says:

    thanks for the little mention 😉

    Yeah it was hilarious, rushing trying to fix my hats, i literally did it and then a second later i counted in for the first song. But besides that and the fact that also our lead guitarist unplugged himself half way… that it was one of the greatest atmospheres we had ever created! Because we laughed about the equipment, we had so much fun, and just praised God and got awesome results!! it was great because we all had the right heart and just put God first and just worshiped freely!!! 🙂

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