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A Collection of Drum Pictures and Videos From NAMM 2012

The infamous 2012 NAMM Show just wrapped up and it’s the place to be for musicians and especially drummers. This is the time and place when drum companies show off their newest products for the upcoming year.

If you’re like me, you didn’t attend and probably never will. But that’s ok! I took some time to compile some cool pics and videos from the 2012 NAMM Show.

Sabian Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation with a Sabian cymbal Tower

Sabian 30th Anniversary Tower at NAMM 2012

(photo via AOCVCB)

A monster kit showcasing Ludwig’s Atlas boom stands

Ludwig Kit at NAMM 2012

(photo via gvSAXBOY)

Gretsch with their mirror drums

Gretsch Mirror Drums at NAMM 2012

(photo via Mark Dalzell)

The Motley Crew’s Tommy Lee’s Pearl Drums (looks like something from the Newsboys 😉 )

Tommy Lee - Pearl Drum Boot at NAMM 2012

(photo via Ralph Angelillo)

Yamaha Drums created The Dragon (in honor of the “year of the dragon”?)

Yamaha Drums - The Dragon at NAMM 2012

(photo via Ralph Angelillo)

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