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Available Today: The Kingdom from Canadian Worship Band Starfield

Starfield BandThere are some bands out there that you just love. You know that what they will put out there will be incredible, and you don’t need to “check out” the new record – you just buy it. For me Starfield is one of those bands. I’ve used songs off of every album they’ve recorded and have enjoyed hosting them back in Montreal is 2007.

I got to see Starfield most recently at the end of 2011 at NINEOFIVE and I got to hear some of their new stuff, along with a fresh rendition of I Have Decided (To Follow Jesus). And so, it is with great pleasure that I announce that the much anticipated Starfield record, The kingdom, finally hits stores today.

You can grab it on iTunes here:

iTunes USA                                                             iTunes Canada

The Kingdom - Starfield                                   The Kingdom - Starfield
Starfield - The Kingdom

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