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Winnipeg’s Little Drummer Boy: Sean Quigley

Since our blog is based out of Ontario (Canada), this video is very fitting as our Canadian (a.k.a. COLD) winter season is creeping up.

I present to you this video of fellow Canadian and drummer, Sean Quigley, performing Little Drummer Boy out in the friggin’ cold!

[tentblogger-youtube IrNcD34KFhM] tells the story as such:

Quigley, 16, was moved to create the video because of the underlying message of the song.

“Drummer Boy speaks to me so much,” he said. “The whole song is a story. It’s about this boy who gets word of Jesus being born and he goes to see him and he doesn’t have anything to give him; he’s like ‘I don’t have money, I don’t have gifts to give you. But I can play my drum and that’s more than enough’.”

The teen’s production is all the more remarkable considering he played all the instruments, sang the vocals, recorded everything and directed and edited the video.

Quigley is a student at Oak Park High School in Winnipeg.

It’s quite impressive and there’s no doubt this video is going viral really fast. Great job Sean!!!

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  • Love the song. Love the vid. Wish the music was in time with the vid, not sure whether it’s a youtube prob or what.

  • The Queen Haters says:

    People are easily impressed by bogus ‘viral’ videos. Watch this kid will have an album out within the month, and it will be revealed that he was backed from the start. The autotuned vocals are especially suspect. The rendition was lame, the instrumentation was lame, FAIL.

  • Ron Samchuk says:

    Sean… God has given you a special talent. As a videographer, I can see your ‘natural talent’… a God-given talent! That combined with your musical abilities will be used to spread the word of God to others your age and beyond. I wish you continued success and congratulations for taking a stand for your faith, we need more young people like you. I can’t say enough good things about your video… it is well shot; I like the dolly shots and mix of other views throughout the city. I hope to see more of your work… I predict that this video will open many doors of opportunity for you… of course pray about any future decisions you make in that regard…. kindest regards…. Ron Samchuk

  • Luke says:

    @ the queen haters

    the implications of your very name rob you of credence to your objectivity.
    would that cynicism based on supposition, speculation, and conjecture take a back seat to a good rendition of a good song with a good message at a good time of the year in a great country.

  • Ron says:

    Hi Sean… are you going to do another video this year? I look forward to seeing it…. Ron

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