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YIKES! This Is The Month I Turn 30 And I Need Your Help.

It’s confession time here on the blog! December is promising to be an awesome month for a few good reasons. We partnered with awesome drum companies to give away free drum gear; We celebrate Christmas; spend time with family, and drink eggnog lattes. But since those cats are already out of the bag, what am I really confessing? I’m confessing that on the twenty third day in this awesome month of December, I am turning the big “THREE-O”.

I have been thinking about this for a while now: My body reminds me frequently that I am getting old, but my mind refuses to let that stop me from feeling like an 18 year old [mature?] kid. I think the latter part scares my wife a little 🙂 .

So, inevitably, I will be getting a decent gift from my wife. I have sort of asked for an iPad. Well, more precisely, since rumors are that Apple will release iPad 3 sometime in early 2012, I’ve asked for Apple gift cards that will go towards its purchase.

But am I being too narrow-minded? Should I be looking to get something else? I wanna hear from you.

Please answer this question for me:

Being a worshipdrummer and pastor, If you were turning 30 this month, what would you be asking for?

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