Travis Nunn: An Interview with Chris Tomlin’s Drummer – part 2

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We are happy to finally release the second part of our interview with Chris Tomlin’s drummer, Travis Nunn. In case you missed it, you can watch part 1 here.


Here are the questions and topics that we cover in part 2:

  • Do you have any insecurities?
  • How often do you play with other worship leaders or projects?
  • What is your view on practice now that drumming is your fulltime gig?
  • You are married. Tell us a bit about how you both me.
  • In terms of dynamics, how do you adjust your playing from arena to church?
  • What drummers have influenced you over the years?


Some Takeaways

  • On insecurities:  [in the context of walking in to a studio gig], at the end of the day, you walk in, take a breath, sitting down, and just knowing that they called you to do what you do.
  • Playing for Chris Tomlin is Travis’ full time job.
  • Travis has no practice space and equipment is stored away in a warehouse. So it is very difficult. Key is to keep playing.
  • In terms of dynamics, ask yourself, “how is my hitting translating in the size of the room that I am in?”
  • Play with an implied energy. Play with energy without killing your drumset.
    • In an arena: hit harder and play simply (less details and nuances).

What were some of the takeaways for you? Leave them in the comments and let’s get some discussion going on!