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Hey Worship Drummers!

Here it is, my drum gear rundown vlog!

I apologise for my sometimes slurred speach & my stumbling, I’ve actually come down with an infection/flu type illness over the course of conference but God is giving me strength!

I also forgot to mention in the video that I also have a MIDI signal from my SPD-SX to my Ableton session which I use to trigger loops in Ableton when we’re not doing a whole song to track & triggering loops in some sections helps the song to sound fuller & just better.

Feel free to send me an email with any questions you might have or just comment in the comments section of the journal


I also have a little case full of various items that I may or may not need over the course of conference; including and electric screwdriver for removing heads quickly & just a whole bunch of other random items that might come in handy during the course of the event, pictured below

Jared Batson Drummer Toolbox

Tomorrow is our last session of conference!

God has done incredible things all week and we’re super excited to see where He takes us in the future!

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