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For Sale: Teddy Campbell Signed 16″ A Zildjian Medium Thin Crash

You may remember this post from a few months ago when I went to see the legendary Teddy Campbell give a drum clinic in Toronto. At the end of that night there was a draw for some prizes and I won a 16″ A Zildjian Medium Thin Crash. I (of course) got Teddy to sign it and posed for a picture with him.

Teddy Campbell

For Sale! 16" A Zildjian Medium Thin Crash

After storing it in the house for the last 2 months, I realized that this bad boy needs to be unleashed with a good beating!   Therefore, I am trying to find a new home for it. If you take a look at Zildjian’s site, they are selling it for $189.95, plus taxes, plus shipping. I am willing to sell it for $160 flat, shipping included.

The cymbal is brand new and is signed by Teddy Campbell with the inscription: “God Bless!”.   For a full description of the cymbal please visit Zildjian’s site.

If you are seriously interested, you can email me: jon [at] worshipdrummer [dot] ca

In case you’re wondering what I’m going to do with the money, I’m planning to spend it on a massive gift for my wife.

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