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2016 In Numbers: A Look Back

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I’ve been spending a great deal of time reflecting over the past year and I wanted to share some of that info with you.

2016 By The Numbers

  • 4,015

    The number of subscribers on our YouTube channel. In 2016 we gained 2,842 new subscribers and our channel currently has 1, 062, 271 minutes watched in 2016. Pretty incredible when you think about it!

  • 43,600

    Number of followers on Instagram. A year ago we were at 16K. That’s a massive increase of 27k in just 12 months.

  • 860

    The average annual amount of money it takes to run worshipdrummer.com

  • 2,125

    The number of days we’ve been online!

  • 118,774

    The approximate number of subscribers for our first 12 episodes of the Worship Drummer Podcast. We set out to release 1 episode a month, and we DID IT!!!!

  • 0

    the amount of money we ask from you!

YouTube (Subscribe)

Worship Drummer YouTube Stats - 2016

Wow! Over 1 Million minutes watched!

Instagram (Follow us)

The Worship Drummer Podcast (Listen)

Worship Drummer Podcast Subscribers - 2016

2016 Worship Drummer Podcast Subscribers

If you have any questions about HOW I have things setup, or you’re especially interested to know how you can start your own site, etc, please reach out! I am happy to help and explain our setup/platform, hosting, etc.

2017 is looking to be a very good year already!

Happy New Year