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Getting Your Big Gig

Sorry to break it to you, but it actually has nothing to do with finding a bigger stage! It’s not even about having the right network, although that can significantly improve your chances. So then what is the secret to getting your big gig as a worship drummer?

The Secret to Getting Your Big Gig

The answer is very simple, but not necessarily easy:

Work hard at having a tender heart and calloused hands!

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It happens when anointing meets ability. You need 100% of both. Ability alone is good, but it often begs for attention and will end up leaving no room for God. Anointing alone is good too, but it can’t help you hold it all together in a musical context.

Andy Harrison - Drummer for Planetshakers

We’d like to honour Planetshakers drummer Andy Harrison. He is a worship drummer who embodies both of these principles: Heart and Hands!

Heart and Hands

In the Bible, David ministered musically with excellence and also went from leading sheep to leading God’s people!

So it has to be heart AND hands; or to put it another way: it takes lots of heart work and hard work!

Bless you all as you continue to put the #HeartBeforeBeat.

“He chose his servant David, calling him from the sheep pens. He took David from tending the ewes and lambs and made him the shepherd of Jacob’s descendants— God’s own people, Israel. He cared for them with a true heart and led them with skillful hands.”

Psalms 78:70-72 NLT

Question: How’ve you been putting the #HeartBeforeBeat? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments!

Photos courtesy of Brendo Allen @ Planetshakers.

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