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I’m sure we all remember that first time when we showed up to rehearsal and the worship leader said, “Tonight, we will be learning to play with a click!”

And you thought to yourself, “A what?!?! The only click I know is a rim click!”

Fast-forward to today and there’s no escaping it! With the affordability of modern in-ear systems,  even smaller churches are starting to move in this direction. With that in mind, we realize that the whole concept of using a metronome in worship is enough to cause some (or many) in the worship drummer world to break into a cold sweat.

Boss DB-90

There are several great metronomes out on the market, but I particularly favour the Boss DB-90. It is robust, has the tap tempo feature, a good backlight, and tons of simple features just to name a few.  We like it so much so that it is always #1 on our popular Christmas list.

Worship Drummer Tutorial

Hopefully you agree that using a metronome is of utmost important (if not, I’ll meet you in the parking lot!). But learning to use one is usually the biggest excuse for drummers to not touch the thing! We want to help you get comfortable with using it, so we created a tutorial video to help you.

This tutorial covers some of the basics, but primarily focuses on how to quickly input and save your worship setlist, plus a few bonus tricks and tips along the way.

Have questions? We are here to help! Ask your questions below in the comments and we’ll do our best to get you the answers you need!


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