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Drum Tutorials (with Sam De Jong) from Parachute Band’s Album “Matins : Vespers”

We’ve covered Sam De Jong before and I’m personally a fan of Parachute Band and so it goes with out saying that we’re sharing their latest instrument workshop videos with you.

We’ve compiled all of the drum workshops here so you can watch Sam as he teaches us how to play the drum patterns off their latest album, Matins : Vespers.

DRUMS // Run To You

[tentblogger-youtube uEZ7Ap8-bNg]

DRUMS // Keep The Fire Burning

[tentblogger-youtube 2HEeXoLFE6Y]

DRUMS // In Your Name

[tentblogger-youtube wJijwyqNUYA]

I love it when bands think about making tutorials for their songs. Makes life so much easier!

What bands would you love to see make their own tutorial videos?

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