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Our friends at Elevation Worship have been busy lately, and as drummers, this is good news for us! In this post Vincent Baynard shares the Elevation Worship method for drum tuning and getting that famous sound that we all love!

I’ve spent enough time hanging with their drummers and sound engineers to know that drums are super important to achieving that Elevation Worship sound!

Many of you have asked us for a thorough walkthrough of their process and I’m happy to share that they’ve gone ahead and created this drum tuning video for all of you who’ve been asking (See below for a complete drum gear rundown).

Gear Rundown:

KIT: DW Collector Series





  • 13×9 tom: 150Hz (top and bottom)
  • 16×16 floor tom: 121Hz (top and bottom)
  • 18×16 floor tom: 96Hz (top and bottom)
  • snare:
    • top at 250Hz
    • bottom at 380Hz

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