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If you are one of the thousands that follow us on Instagram, then you know that there are many drummers who are using the Roland SPD-SX.

There are a few ways to mount the drum pad and several creative spots where you can place it. With that being said, however, one question that keeps popping up is how do you mount the SPD-SX over your bass drum?

How To Mount Your Roland SPD-SX Over Your Bass Drum

It’s actually fairly simple and here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s a look at Josh Alltop’s setup with it clamped to the ride.

For an alternate mounting option, check out the Roland PDS-10, but note that it will not be able to mount over your bass drum.

Detailed Pics of SPD-SX Mounted Over Bass Drum

Here are some pics from different angles showing how I mounted it over my bass drum:

Have any questions? Have a different method? Let us know in the comments.

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