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We’ve had a busy month of worship events in our town and we had some great opportunities to connect with some drummers. This episode features Travis Nunn, drummer for Chris Tomlin.

Travis has this maturity about him and we feel it comes across well in our interview. We have lots of goodies (video and pics) for this episode and so be sure to check out the bottom of this post!


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In This Episode:

  • How Travis got the Chris Tomlin gig
  • Dealing with the busyness and stress of recording an album and diving in to Passion Conference
  • Protecting your heart of worship in a busy season
  • Prepping to welcome a baby while being a professional drummer
  • Technical focal point in Travis’ practice time
  • Leaving Heartbeat Percussion for Paiste
  • Gear Rundown (see our video)
  • The beard
  • Craziest thing to ever happen on tour
  • Why he’s not on Instagram or other social media outlets right now
  • 3 most valuable skills for a worship drummer to have

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Show Notes

Travis Nunn – Pics and Vids

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