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We are so excited to announce this Pro WorshipDrummer interview series with Travis Nunn. If the name sounds familiar, it can only be for one of the following two reasons:

  • “Joshua, son of Nun.”
  • But you probably already know that he’s the drumming backbone for one of today’s most prolific songwriters and gifted worship leaders, Chris Tomlin.

Travis Nunn - Drummer for Chris Tomlin

We are so grateful for the one hour that he spent with us and now we get to let you in on what we talked about.

Posts in this series

We will be updating this page with links to all 4 parts of the interview as we release them.

Stay tuned and know that you’re in for a treat!

Why not leave a comment and tell us what’s your favourite Tomlin song! What are you waiting for? Stop reading this. Scroll down. Go ahead and do it already! 🙂

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