Drum Tuning with Vincent Baynard - Elevation Worship

Drum Tuning With Vincent Baynard – Elevation Worship

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Our friends at Elevation Worship have been busy lately, and as drummers, this is good news for us! In this post Vincent Baynard shares the Elevation Worship method for drum tuning and getting that famous sound that we all love! I’ve spent enough time hanging with their drummers and sound engineers to know that drums are super important to achieving …

Vincent Baynard - Elevation Worship

Drum Setup from There is A Cloud (Elevation Worship)

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I know that many of you have been digging the new album from Elevation Worship, There Is A Cloud and perhaps your church has even begun singing some of the songs. I came across a very helpful post from Garrett Davis who engineered and edited the new album. There Is A Cloud Drum Gear Rundown He said that they were getting a bunch of messages …