YIKES! This Is The Month I Turn 30 And I Need Your Help.

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It’s confession time here on the blog! December is promising to be an awesome month for a few good reasons. We partnered with awesome drum companies to give away free drum gear; We celebrate Christmas; spend time with family, and drink eggnog lattes. But since those cats are already out of the bag, what am I really confessing? I’m confessing that on the twenty third day in this awesome month of December, I am turning the big “THREE-O”.

I have been thinking about this for a while now: My body reminds me frequently that I am getting old, but my mind refuses to let that stop me from feeling like an 18 year old [mature?] kid. I think the latter part scares my wife a little :) .

So, inevitably, I will be getting a decent gift from my wife. I have sort of asked for an iPad. Well, more precisely, since rumors are that Apple will release iPad 3 sometime in early 2012, I’ve asked for Apple gift cards that will go towards its purchase.

But am I being too narrow-minded? Should I be looking to get something else? I wanna hear from you.

Please answer this question for me:

Being a worshipdrummer and pastor, If you were turning 30 this month, what would you be asking for?

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  1. Sabster

    Apart from asking Him for another 30+ years more…

    You should ask people that are close for monetary contributions to go towards your apple addiction, and to those that are close to you but not THAT close, I would ASK for…nothing :) however, if they want to bless you with something, and THEY ask you what you’d like, then, I’d revert to the apple addiction and say ‘any apple certificate would be great…only cause you’re asking’!


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